Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's A Girl

Thought I had better give you all an update on the little bubs that is happily growing inside me :D
I am now 21 weeks along and had my 18 - 22 week ultra sound scan on Monday... Baby is doing extremely well and has a nice regular heart beat... And yes we decided to find out the sex, and yes she is a girl :D We have already decided on a name too... Maddison Ellen Spencer (as she will have her daddy's last name) :D

Whilst baby is well I have had a few trips to the Hospital and GP's due to a few bleeds... The DR's thought that the placenta might have been low, but Monday's ultra sound scan has confirmed that it is nice and high... We will find out more when I see my GP tomorrow and get some test results... But the DR's said I could just be super sensitive to all the stretching that is taking place down there... So finger's crossed that's all it is ;) Other than that I feel absolutely fine :D

Anyways thought I would share a pic from Monday's ultra sound scan with you all... This one was the best of them all... 

Baby Maddison's feet


  1. Ah sooo sweet, Sending you big hugs, Just take it easy with the bleeds. Lots for folk do bleed during it for no reason, Our Bodies are mad!!!! Love Hxxx

    1. Thanks Hazel :-* I have been trying really hard to take it easy lol ;)... My fiance has been a great help though, carrying the groceries, lifting anything that is heavy, even bending down and putting my shoes on for me... Don't know what I would do with out him ;) Since my first bleed I have talked to a few of my friends (who are Mums) who majority of them have said that they had a bleed during their pregnancy... One of them even said she bled right through her pregnancy :o Your right our bodies are mad ;)

  2. Ah a baby Girl, congratulations. She will soon be here.Hope you are taking it easy and cannot wait to see a pic when she arrives xx


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