Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Simple Santa Card

I made this card today for my entry in The Crafty Bloggers Network 'Keep It Simple' challenge. Again I went with a Christmas theme, seeing as that time is rapidly approaching us. Hope you all like it. :D

Simple Santa Card

I used a red textured card as my base card. I attached a see through red Santa belt ribbon to the bottom of the card using vellum tape. Next I coloured in a Free My Memories Of Days Gone By Santa Digi in Photoshop and printed it on white card. I then trimmed around it and used double sided foam tape to attach it to top left of the card.

Lastly I made a sentiment scroll by drawing a scroll shape (an elongated S) onto a piece of yellow card, I then cut it out and used brown and black blending chalks to give it an aged colour. I coloured the entire scroll in (on both sides) with the brown blending chalk first, and then went around the edges with the black blending chalk, I then used the brown blending chalk again on the inside edges of the black blending chalk (to blend it in better with the brown). Next I rolled the top of the scroll underneath and the bottom to the front. I then went back over the rolled bits with both the brown and black blending chalks. I used a black marker to write the "Merry Christmas To You" sentiment on the scroll, and red and green markers to draw holly on the bottom right of it as well. I then attached it to the top right of my card with double sided foam tape.

This was a fun and quick simple card to make and I would like to thank the DT at The Crafty Bloggers Network for a great first challenge. Good luck to all that enter. :D


  1. Lovely card. Thanks for joining in at the Crafty bloggers Network challenge.
    Marleen xxx

  2. A fab card! I love the belt. Good Luck in the challenge :) x

  3. Thanks Marleen :-* It was fun... Looking forward to next week's :D

    Thanks Gemma :-* I found the belt ribbon in my local Woolworths... Just had to buy it, as I thought it was cute :D


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