Sunday, 10 July 2011

2 Birthday Cards

Here are 2 birthday cards that I made today :D

3 Cats Card

The digi stamp I used for this card was a Sliekje free digi stamp available at which I coloured in using coloured pencils. I used a red pearlized card as my base card, and cut a pink texture paper rectangle 1cm smaller than the card. I then cut a red foil paper rectangle 4cm smaller that the pink one. I glued the digi stamp in the middle of the red rectangle and left it to dry. Next on the back of the pink rectangle I drew another rectangle 2cm smaller, then using my double Cutter Bee Bug I ran it along the rectangle to mark the holes for stitching. I then used red cotton to sew the double lines. I then glued the red rectangle to the pink rectangle. Next I stitched a hot pink flower button to the top left corner of the pink rectangle using pale pink cotton. Lastly stick the rectangles to the card. :D

Blue Birthday Bears Card

The image I used for this card was from A Canary's Diary and is available at which I coloured in using coloured pencils. I used a black pearlized card as my base card, and I cut 3 5cm x 5cm squares out of blue foil paper. I then glued the bear image to one of the squares and set aside to dry. On a sheet of white A4 paper and using a black marker and a pale blue gel pen I designed the "Happy Birthday" text, by simply writing the letters using the thick end of the marker, then using the fine end I went around the letters in a dot n line pattern, I then filled the space between the letters and pattern with the pale blue gel pen. I then cut around the text (leaving a little white around the edges) and glued then to the remaining squares. Lastly I glued all 3 squares onto the card in a checkerboard pattern. :D


  1. Gorgeous cards Teegs x
    Hope we see more cards from you x

  2. Thanx Donna :-* I'm sure u will ;) Thank u 4 all the inspiration :-*


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