Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mother's Day Cards

I made these a couple of months ago for Mother's Day.

My Mum's Mother's Day Card

My Future Mother In Law's Mother's Day Card

Both cards r obviously the same except 1 is blue while the other is pink. These cards were quite simple to make. On the back of some metallic brown paper I drew a rectangle 4cm smaller than the card itself, I then drew a smaller rectangle inside that, 2cm smaller on the shortest side and 3cm shorter on the longest side, next I divided that rectangle into 3 smaller rectangles. Inside each of those rectangles I drew the letters M U M. Then it was as simple as cutting the original rectangle out of the paper and then cutting out the letters. I then chose a patterned paper that went with my colour theme, and again drew a rectangle on the back, this time 1cm smaller than the metallic brown rectangle. Next I glued the metallic brown rectangle to the patterned paper (it is important that you put the glue on the metallic brown rectangle because if you do it the other way round glue will b visible on your letters). Once that was dry I glued both rectangles to the card itself. Next I tied a variety of co-ordinating ribbons to a coloured plastic paper clip, which I then slid onto the side of the card (*HINT: Dab a bit of craft glue underneath the paper clip to prevent it from moving out of place) :D

Hand Bag Envelopes
I then made hand bag envelopes for the cards. Which was as simple as making a normal envelope, rounding off the flap, making 2 holes approx 5cm apart on the flap fold at the top, then threading ribbon through the holes and tying them off underneath, attaching a brad to the bottom middle of the flap and sticking a small square of adhesive velcro (hook-and-loop fastener) underneath the brad. :D

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