Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Fishing Birthday Card

I made this card tonight for my Dad's Birthday which is a little over 2 weeks away. He enjoys fishing, so I decided to make that the theme for this card. Hope you all like it. :D

Fishing Birthday Card

I used white card as my base card. I then cut a black and silver glitter patterned card (which I thought kind of looked like fish scales ;) ) 1cm smaller than the card itself, and matted it to black card. I then attached it to the card itself using double sided tape.

The image I used was a colouring page which I found using Google Images. I coloured it in using Photoshop, printed it on white card and trimmed it to a rectangle. I then matted it to black card and attached it to the center top of the card itself using double sided tape.

Lastly I made the sentiment by drawing 2 fish shapes on a piece of white card, I then cut them out and wrote the sentiments on them in freehand with a black marker on the reverse side. I then also matted them to black card. Next I attached them to a strip of black card, and then attached it to the bottom of the card itself.


  1. Love it Teegs xx
    Card looks great in the background ;o)
    Looks very fish scale like ;O))

  2. Thanks Donna :-*
    As soon as I saw the pattern in my cardstock stash it reminded me of fish scales... So I'm glad someone else thinks the same ;)


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