Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Reindeer Money Card

This is my first entry in this week's Willow Sketchie Challenge. Whilst there was no sketch or anything to follow this week, my Mum set me the challenge of making a money card for both my Nan and my Pop for Christmas. This one is for my Nan... I hope you all like it :D

Reindeer Money Card

I used a white card as my base card. I then covered 2/3 of the card with a holly patterned paper. I then covered the remainder with a 20 x 20 sheet of free green swirl patterned paper from Free Digital Scrapbooking (leaving plenty of spare paper around the edges to make the money pocket, see tutorial below).

Sorry I got the order a bit mixed up in this pic, number 1 should really be number 4. :(
2. After covering the remainder of the card with the green swirl paper, I then turned it over and cut slits up to the card at the top and bottom of the spare paper around the edge to create 4 flaps. I also trimmed the spare paper at the side of the card to 8cm and cut a finger hole on the edge.
3. Next I folded over the 2 small flaps at the top and bottom. I then glued the 2 smaller flaps to the card.
4. I then folded over the 2 larger flaps.
1. This is what it should look like on the reverse side.
5. Lastly I glued the 2 larger flaps down (put glue on the patterned side).
I then decorated the pocket with a ribbon, bow and stamped image.

I then made the ribbon circle for the sentiment.
1. First I cut a small circle out of a piece of scrap white card.
2. I then cut 6 lengths of varying ribbons to the same length (mine were 12cm, so that my circle ended up 6cm). I then glued one end of one piece of ribbon from the center to the right of the white card circle.
3. I then repeated with the other end.
4. I then applied a dot of glue over the ribbon end join, and pressed the ribbon down onto it in the center.
5. Next select another piece of ribbon.
6. Repeat steps 2 to 4 making the ribbon crisscross over the first.
7. Repeat with all ribbons until you end up with something like this. Make sure you either use a peg, clip or put some weight on the circle to hold ribbons in place until it is dry (I used my glue bottle for this).

Next I made a "Merry Christmas" Sentiment in Photoshop, printed it on white card, cut it out, glued it to the ribbon circle and applied glitter glue to the text. I then coloured in a free reindeer Digi Stamp from Little Scraps Of Heaven Designs in Photoshop, printed it on white card and trimmed it into a square. I then matted it to a square of red paper and glued it to the top left of my card. I then attached 2 red ribbons to the bottom and right side of my card. Lastly I used double sided tape to attach my ribbon circle sentiment to the bottom right of my card.

I had so much fun creating this card and would like to thank the DT at Willow Sketchie Challenge and my Mum for a great challenge. Good luck to all that enter. :D


  1. Ah Teegs this is super what a great idea, Thanks for playing on Willow Sketchie this week with the anything goes challenge, Love Hazelxo

  2. Thanks Hazel :-* I'm glad you like it :D


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